New Moon – New Beginnings

New Moon Sessions is a Techno Movement based in Dublin.
Due to our dark nature, our events will always occur during the “new moon” phase. We feel we should join together on the darkest of nights in celebration of the new moon. The “New moon” represents a certain amount of an astrological influence. The moon appears “invisible” while continuously influencing life on Earth. In a similar fashion, we treat our NMS (New Moon Sessions) events, offering our guests a very unique visual show driven by a dark force of techno that represents the invisible element of this special experience.

We are also creating new platforms for DJs to promote techno music and techno culture from the grassroots of Ireland.

Tempting all of your senses into a whirlpool experience built from techno, lights, people. Prepare to be immersed.

We want to show you something that Ireland has not seen before. We aim to build our community, with your help we can innovate the techno scene to reach new heights. For us techno culture means is our life and we are going to promote this movement with respect to everyone. It is going to be dark, symbolic, techno movement with a unique setup and NMS community. Join us. Join NMS

“Creation like existence itself, begins in darkness” – New beginnings

New Moon Sessions

Techno // Lights and Visuals

Techno Community

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