Lyndz hails from Dublin’s inner city. She got her first set of decks at the age of 18 and with just a couple of tips and tricks from friends that were DJs, she taught herself how to play.
In her twenties she became involved in running and playing at some of Dublin’s most iconic afterparties and went on to play in some of her favourite clubs.
In November 2020 Lyndz became a resident DJ on Power FM Dublin. Her two hour audiovisual show ‘Chasm’ is a platform for her to showcase the freshest new techno releases and has been a great incentive to stay active as a DJ while clubs were shut.
She became a member of NMS in November 2021 and aside from DJing, she is responsible for creating online content as well as scheduling and organising within the team.
When Lyndz plays you can expect to hear lots of dark, heavy tracks that evoke emotion and she has been known to throw out some wildcards during her sets which can be anything from Drum n’ Bass to Breakbeat.
Her influences include Helena Hauff, Anetha, Perc and Under Black Helmet to name but a few.
“Making a mistake during a set does not make you a bad DJ, human error is natural. It’s how you recover and move on from those mistakes that sets you apart from the rest!”






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