live stream

As the long hiatus from the dance floor continues, we at New Moon Sessions are aiming to convey our audio visual night through a livestream. The event will be streamed online to portray our sound and vision from Dublins iconic venue 39/40.With a lot of work behind the scenes we are excited to show a wide array of local talent, through DJ sets and Live/Hybrid sets.A mixture of NMS residents and top Irish talent will push their sound throughout the stream. 

We are very proud of the lineup of talent we have curated, which have been pushing the boundaries of techno in Ireland recently.Phase 1 of the lineup will be streamed on Friday 30.07 and Phase 2 will commence on Saturday 07.08. All can be streamed through the NMS, 39/40, TechnoIreland Facebook page and the New Moon Sessions YouTube page. Expect raw, dark and atmospheric techno throughout the stream. Come join us and help support your local venue and artists

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